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HP 4345mfp


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Main Features

  • 45 Page/min output
  • 100 sheet input tray
  • 500 sheet main tray
  • Network ready
– This Multi Function Printer (MFP) can function as a standalone, walk-up copier.

– It is not necessary to install the printing system software on the computer, nor is it necessary to have the computer

– You can adjust the copy settings at the control panel.

– You can also copy originals by using either the ADF or the scanner glass.

– The MFP can process copying, printing, and digital-sending jobs simultaneously.

– The MFP also offers colour-scanning and digital-sending capabilities.

– By using the control panel, you can scan black-and-white or colour documents and send

them to an email address as an email attachment.

– To use digital sending, the MFP must be connected to a local area network (LAN).

– The MFP connects directly to your LAN.

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