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IT Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery for all your IT business needs.

Understanding Disaster Recovery:

  • What is Disaster Recovery?
  • The future of Disaster Recovery
  • Why Disaster Recovery?
  • Types of Disaster Recovery
  • Benefits of Disaster Recovery
  • Pitfalls of Disaster Recovery
  • Steps to Disaster Recovery

Product Description

Disaster Recovery is a service that allows organisations to continue operating after a disaster or a disruption. The aim is to ensure that key personnel have access to the organisations computer systems and critical information in the event that, either by natural or human intervention or even by a computer virus, a company can’t continue functioning as normal.

A disaster recovery system or service is a necessary function of a business and of the IT department. The costs for not having a contingency plan in place can be extremely high even to the point where a company can actually go out of business.

  • 80% of businesses affected by a major incident close within 18 months.
  • 90% of businesses that lose data from a disaster are forced to shut within 2 years.

There are many types of disaster recovery plans and services, from the most simple of keeping back-ups of data on a single PC to using a service that automatically backs-up all information across a major network with a supporting infrastructure to allow full operational capability when disaster strikes.