VanGUARD P Series Laminators

The new VanGUARD P Series laminators combines style with functionality. Designed in the UK, all models use high grade silicon rollers with an internal infrared heating system. The VanGUARD P Series has been designed with the customer in mind, the easy to operate LCD panel allows for quick and simple control of the roller speed, roller temperature, pressurizing and de-pressurizing the pneumatic rollers and switching between manual foot operation to automatic drive mode. Both silicon rollers are also designed for easy removal in the unfortunate case of damage,

The P series produce an output speed of 10m/min, mounting materials up to 30mm in thickness. Media take-up is further enhanced by a frictionless take-up-reel, which ensures even flow output. Roller movement is controlled by a foot switch or the automatic drive mode, and by using a pnuematic roller pressurization system (using air assistance from a quiet attached compressor) speed operation is greatly improved with even pressure across both the upper and lower rollers.

The VanGUARD P Series laminators have been designed so that they are ideal for the following:
> Hot & cold laminates
> Mounting prints to boards
> Applying vinyls
> Application tapes
> Applying adhesive films

Due to this, we believe that the VanGUARD P Series are perfect for use in:
> Commercial printers
> Copy & print shops
> Exhibition graphics
> Reprographics
> Sign makers

All our VanGAURD P Series Laminators come with a 2 year warranty

Please inquire about our new VanGAURD P Series via email: or by phone: 0161 480 5556