Customer Testimonials

FT Leisure Ltd - Stockport (IT Services)
"Belmonte IT have supported us for many years and provide outstanding customer service. Their knowledge of IT security has kept our systems safe and secure. We'd be lost without Steve Brown, our IT Manager, whose knowledge and quick response to any issues we have is one of the reasons we keep using Belmonte IT"
J. Shammah - Hale (IT Services)
“I would certainly recommend Belmonte as a company that is both skilled and professional. Nothing seems to be too much trouble and a solution to the problem is found quickly and is efficiently dealt with. The price is always fair and reasonable. Belmonte realises the importance of technology to a business and has you up and running in no time at all. I would not entrust our computer needs to any other organisation”
P D O'Herlihy - Stockport (IT Services)
"they are the very best - since employing Belmonte in 1999 we have never had cause to question their professionalism and guidance. Each time we’ve changed systems, upgraded or sought advice over anti-virus and spam issues or similar, the resultant advice and product provided has been 100% reliable. Hence why we are still with them in 2019.’ They are a tremendous team. As an aside when they explain the intricacies of IT, they always make it so easy to understand!"
L. Bennett - Stockport (IT Support)
"Belmonte IT is an excellent provider of computer/IT services. They have provided me with computer services for many years. They are knowledgeable, efficient, and great to work with. I've never had a computer problem that they could not fix. I recommend Belmonte IT"
Pencentury - Hertfordshire (IT Services)
“I have used Belmonte over a very long period, and never had any cause for complaint at the range and efficiency of the services that they provide. For the past six or seven years I have worked as a sole trader with no IT resources of my own, and have therefore been totally reliant on their instant availability when I have experienced computer problems. At such times, I have invariably been very impressed with the speed of their response, and with the expertise with which those problems have been dealt with. I’m happy to give them my wholehearted recommendation”
A2Z Signs - Oxford (Printer Services)
"Your Engineer Adrian has just left, very good and he knows his stuff! We are over the moon with the machines and the service you have provided from start to finish. If we have any queries I will give you a call however it all seems to be fairly straight forward to use".
Karcher - Stockport (IT Services)
"I have used Belmonte IT for my business solutions for several years now and found them a joy to work with. They have always been there to address any issues we have had with both hard and software. Above all they are ‘human’ which counts for a lot nowadays".
Wheatley Plastics - Stockport (IT Services)
"We have found Belmonte IT to be excellent.!
They are very responsive and knowledgeable and always take the time to resolve any issue big or small in a helpful and friendly manner.
I would recommend Belmonte IT to any business as they have certainly made a positive impact to ours"