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ICC Profiling



ICC output profiles characterize the colour gamut (range) for the combination of printer, ink and paper.

Our engineers are trained to profile media for the HP Aqueous and HP latex media range. We supply our customers with specific ICC profiles which have been profiled by our skilled technicians.

Having the correct ICC Profiling for your media has a wide range of benefits:

  • Ink reduction / Inks last longer
  • Save time
  • Print quality = Customer satisfaction


ICC profiles are the key factor in not only producing perfect quality prints but also in reducing the amount of ink which is put down on the media. Having a good ICC profile for a specific media can reduce your total ink levels substantially and more importantly save you money without compromising image quality.

All our latex media comes with ICC Profiles specific to that media and we are happy to supply our customers with these profiles.

We are able to profile media for the HP Aqueous and Latex range either on call out to site or on our stock printers. For this there is a small charge.

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