IT Maintenance and Support

Most companies rely heavily on their IT infrastructure and when even part of it fails, business can grind to a halt, resulting in:

  • no email (critical communications)
  • no internet access (order processing, internet banking)
  • no applications (letters and documents, spreadsheets)
  • and even the telephone system can be affected.

“Prevention is better than cure”

Professional IT Services by Microsoft Certified Engineers for a little as £45/month.

When down time costs you money, it is no consolation to remember that your IT Support will be along in a few hours to start the process of identifying the problem.

At Belmonte we are PRO-ACTIVE not REACTIVE… and you will be pleasantly surprised by our methods and prices! We aim to prevent your system interruptions before they hit your business performance. It’s like having your own site, fully qualified, switched on IT Technician – but at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Firstly we review your IT infrastructure to make you aware of weaknesses and potential problems. Then we manage your systems by monitoring your servers. This shows early warning of system performance problems. We can remotely fix some problems. If not, we have an accurate fault diagnosis so that our fast response IT Technician can get straight to the problem on site.

What are the costs?

Our charges are totally transparent. We charge £55.00/hour for a *Microsoft Certified Engineer with a minimum of 8 years commercial level experience.

Our quote for the support of your system will be offered after we have undertaken a system audit.

FREE without obligation – audit and system performance report.

Auditing is via a recognised industry programme which is none invasive and monitors each PC/Server to determine the overall component structure and measure performance. It is undertaken by Belmonte on all installations and is available FREE of charge, and without obligation.

If your computers have not had a system performance audit recently, you may be surprised at the results. What have you got to lose?

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