If you’re interested in CCTV for your business you’ve come to the right place because we’re incredibly experienced in this area, working with businesses across the UK. By providing the best products and services around, we’ve simply changed the way surveillance video is accessed, controlled and stored.

Key features

  • Relax, knowing that our experience covers a number of high profile public and corporate sector deployments.
  • Our solutions are delivered over a converged IP network capable of delivering physical security, data and communication solutions on a single platform.
  • Your IP CCTV solution will be designed, installed and proactively managed by specialists of both CCTV and IP networks. They know their stuff inside out.

Fighting crime and protecting your business

CCTV monitoring has really helped to cut crime and vandalism in town and city centres, retail outlets, public car parks, construction sites, hospitals, transport links and other potential ‘hot spots’. We’ve been at the forefront of this, helping corporate and public sector organisations, to implement and manage effective CCTV networks.

More to IP CCTV than meets the eye

IP CCTV monitoring can be centralised, allowing your staff to focus on business critical areas. And with more and more organisations interested in introducing intelligent building control, IP CCTV has a huge role to play in this arena. And because it can transmit images from multiple cameras over a single connection, your future requirements are already catered for. What’s more, since IP CCTV stores video in a digital format, you can save space by waving goodbye to tape storage.

Fully managed service

Managed IP CCTV monitoring revolutionises the way video is accessed, controlled and stored. We fully manage and maintain the service, which means your IT and security team can concentrate on core tasks while we look after proactive fault management and remote diagnostics.

We provide flexibility and resilience to ensure live and recorded video images can be stored and viewed securely anywhere on your network. This makes remote CCTV monitoring easy. Our IP CCTV solution also includes transmission, management and recording solutions, as well as offering a clear route for the convergence of your communications and security needs onto a single network.

Project management and managed services

IP CCTV is more than just a technology. We’re ready to help you put it to work, from inception and design to installation and maintenance. We’ll collaborate with your camera and power suppliers and other third parties to give you the service you expect. Nothing less.

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